Vocabulary Part - 2 For All Competitive Exams

Vocabulary Part - 2 For All Competitive Exams 

1. REPINE (VERB): (शिकायत करना): complain

Synonyms: grumble, lament

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He always repines about his peer.

2. INURE (VERB): (तपाकर पुख़्ता करना): harden

Synonyms: temper, toughen

Antonyms: lighten, soften

Example Sentence:

A continuation of the exclusion of these people from their lands should not inure to the benefit of the wrongdoers.

3. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): (आक्रमण): attack

Synonyms: onrush, invasion

Antonyms: retreat, defense

Example Sentence:

The people suddenly made an onslaught on him.

4. PRIGGISH (ADJECTIVE): (परोपदेशक): smug

Synonyms: pompous, stuffy

Antonyms: dissatisfied, discontented

Example Sentence:

I had to meet a priggish person in the train.

5. CABOODLE (NOUN): (ताम-झाम): collection of something

Synonyms: cluster, agglomeration

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

I have a caboodle of great books.

6. SUPERVENE (VERB): (पीछे आना) follow

Synonyms: chase, pursue

Antonyms: precede, retreat

Example Sentence:

Firstly he did the honours then everybody supervened.

7. REPROACH (NOUN): (तिरस्कार) disgrace

Synonyms: blame, censure

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He gave her a look of reproach.

8. LAURELS (NOUN): (ख्याति) acclaim

Synonyms: accolade, praise

Antonyms: blame, disapproval

Example Sentence:

A soldier won his laurels in the battle field.

9. ABRADE (VERB): (कुरेदना) scrape

Synonyms: chafe, grate

Antonyms: make happy, please

Example Sentence:

The wool blanket abraded my legs and gave me a rash.

10. DEIFY (VERB): (देवता-सदृश पूजा करना) idealize

Synonyms: glorify, idolize

Antonyms: criticize, degrade

Example Sentence:

It is a mistake to deify celebrities let your parents be your living God.

11. KNOTTY (ADJECTIVE): troublesome (कठिन)

Synonyms: mystifying, puzzling

Antonyms: facile, uncomplicated

Example Sentence:

This was a knotty legal problem.

12. FLEDGLING (ADJECTIVE): emerging (उभरती हुई)

Synonyms: emergent, beginning

Antonyms: multiskillled, unfledged

Example Sentence:

The P.M talked about fledgling industries in the developing world.

13. SECEDE (VERB): pull away (अलग हो जाना)

Synonyms: split from, retract

Antonyms: remain, maintain

Example Sentence:

The kingdom of Belgium seceded from the Netherland.

14. DISCOURSE (NOUN): dialogue (संभाषण)

Synonyms: conversation, discussion

Antonyms: silence, reticence

Example Sentence:

They better understand the language of political discourse.

15. INTONATED (ADJECTIVE): spoken (आवाज से जोर देना)

Synonyms: choral, verbal

Antonyms: modest, introverted

Example Sentence:

Her intonated please was filled with sheer remorse.

16. DEFAULT (NOUN): failure (चूक)

Synonyms: delinquency, dereliction

Antonyms: perfection, strength

Example Sentence:

We have been able to track the default and will crackdown on the defaulters soon.

17. REGULATION (NOUN): management (नियंत्रण)

Synonyms: moderation, supervision

Antonyms: deregulation, mismanagement

Example Sentence:

We need proper regulations in place to get the best out of the team.

18. RESHUFFLE (VERB): reorganize (अदला-बदली)

Synonyms: reorient, rejuvenate

Antonyms: damage, raze

Example Sentence:

We are going to reshuffle the top management of the company.

19. ESCALATE (VERB): increase (तीव्र करना)

Synonyms: magnify, broaden

Antonyms: shrink, weaken

Example Sentence:

She mixed some wrong chemical which initially escalated the reaction.

20. STIR (NOUN): agitation (बेचैनी)

Synonyms: whirlwind, commotion

Antonyms: peace, harmony

Example Sentence:

Their walkout from the assembly caused quite a stir.

21. CHAPERON (VERB): (किसी की चौकसी करना) escort

Synonyms: guide, protect

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence:

Alka chaperoned the children at all times.

22. ENCAPSULATE (VERB): (प्रावरण करना) enclose

Synonyms: envelop, wrap

Antonyms: unwrap, uncover

Example Sentence:

The company would encapsulate the asbestos waste in concrete pellets.

23. PROGNOSIS (NOUN): (पूर्वानुमान) diagnosis

Synonyms: prediction, projection

Antonyms: calculation, measurement

Example Sentence:

It is very difficult to make an accurate prognosis.

24.RUEFUL (ADJECTIVE): (उदास) mournful

Synonyms: apologetic, ashamed

Antonyms: cheerful, happy

Example Sentence:

Poorvi gave a rueful grin.

25. AFTERMATH (NOUN): (परिणाम) impact

Synonyms: outcome, consequences

Antonyms: source, origin

Example Sentence:

Although the aftermath was daunting, nothing could compare to the moment that the tornado struck the building.

26. DEARTH (NOUN): (कमी) scarcity

Synonyms: paucity, meagerness

Antonyms: adequacy, abundance

Example Sentence:

The dearth of resources forced the company to shut down.

27. EXTENSIVELY (ADVERB): (दूर तक) widely

Synonyms: broadly, greatly

Antonyms: minutely, marginally

Example Sentence:

The scheme extensively benefitted the masses.

28. COINCIDE (VERB): (सहमत होना) go along with

Synonyms: concur, harmonize

Antonyms: deviate, dissent

Example Sentence:

We can coincide with our competitors.

29. PSEUDONYM (NOUN): (उपनाम) false name

Synonyms: anonym, alias

Antonyms: real name, authentic name

Example Sentence:

He used a pseudonym for himself.

30. DAB HAND (NOUN): (निपुण) expert

Synonyms: connoisseur, master

Antonyms: naïve, fool

Example Sentence:

She is a dab hand in the kitchen.

31. COCKY (ADJECTIVE): (अहंकारी) overly self-confident or self-assertive

Synonyms: arrogant, cocksure

Antonyms: modest, diffident

Example Sentence:

Do not get too cocky, Reema.

32. PROCRASTINATION (NOUN): (टालमटोल)delay or postpone action

Synonyms: temporize, vacillate

Antonyms: expedite, further

Example Sentence:

Winners don't make excuses and they never procrastinate.

33. STATURE (NOUN): (ऊंचाई, कद) importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement.

Synonyms: reputation, prominence

Antonyms:  impotence, inability

Example Sentence:

This is a short stature man.

34. CABAL (NOUN): (साजिश) a secret political clique or faction.

Synonyms: clique, group, gang

Antonyms: empire, synod

Example Sentence:

She had been chosen by a cabal of fellow senators.

35.ITCH (NOUN): (बेचैनी) an uncomfortable sensation on the skin that causes a desire to scratch.

Synonyms: tingling, prickling

Antonyms: calm, disgust

Example Sentence:

 Her eyes began to burn and itch because of her allergies.

36. SPURN (VERB): (तिरस्कार करना) reject with disdain or contempt.

Synonyms: refuse, disown, snub

Antonyms: adore, honour, venerate

Example Sentence:

She spurned all offers of help.

37. SKIRMISHES (NOUN): (झड़प) an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting,

Synonyms: battle, clash

Antonyms: calm, harmony, agreement

Example Sentence:

Skirmishes broke out between rebel groups.

 38. BELLIGERENCE (NOUN): (भावनाओं) aggressive or warlike behaviour.

Synonyms: hostile, truculent

Antonyms: friendly, peaceable

Example Sentence:

Belligerent noises are now coming out of the United Nation.

39. COERCION (NOUN): (दबाव) practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Synonyms: compulsion, insistence, demand

Antonyms: agreement, approval

Example Sentence:

He submitted the money under coercion.

40. ANTICIPATED (VERB): (अपेक्षित) expect or predict.

Synonyms: foresee, prophesy

Antonyms: doubt, surprised

Example Sentence:

We did not anticipate having to pay for your ticket.

41. STALEMATE (NOUN): (गतिरोध) a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check.

Synonyms: standstill, impasse

Antonyms: progress, headway

Example Sentence:

Last time I played him it ended up in stalemate.

42.DRAG (VERB): (बाधा) pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.

Synonyms: trammel, hindrance

Antonyms: impetus, boost

Example Sentence:

"We dragged the boat up the beach."

43.WILL (NOUN): (इच्छाशक्ति) expressing desire, consent, or willingness.

Synonyms: determination, volition

Antonyms: hesitation, reluctance

Example Sentence:

"Will you have a cognac?"

44. SAVVY (ADJECTIVE): (बुद्धिमान) showing practical knowledge

Synonyms: clever, astute

Antonyms: stupid, dense

Example Sentence:

"Bobby is a savvy veteran who knows all the tricks."

45. PRESS (VERB): (विवश करना) move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.

Synonyms: pressurize, compel

Antonyms: discourage, deter

Example Sentence:

"He pressed his face to the glass."

46. TAILOR (VERB): (अनुकूल बनाना) make or adapt for a particular purpose or person.

Synonyms: adapt, customise

Antonyms: resist, reject

Example Sentence:

"Arrangements can be tailored to meet individual requirements."

47. NUISANCE (NOUN): (बाधा) a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance.

Synonyms: trouble, pest

Antonyms: help, succor

Example Sentence:

The cats next door are a real nuisance.

48. CONGESTION (NOUN): (भीड़, जमाव) the state of being congested.

Synonyms: crowding, clogging

Antonyms: opening, clear

Example Sentence:

"The new bridge should ease congestion in the area."

49. MYRAID (ADJECTIVE): (बेशुमार) countless

Synonyms: innumerable, numberless

Antonyms: limited, finite

Example Sentence:

"He gazed at the myriad lights of the city."

50. LOCKDOWN (NOUN) (रोक):he confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot.

Synonyms: limitation, restraint

Antonyms: freedom, liberty

Example Sentence:

"The lockdown has been in effect since October 1983."

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